We aim at providing a state-of-art method that could be used for measuring relative levels of agricultural inputs, outputs and TFP, as well as their rates of growth, for the OECD countries (as a start) and then to facilitate cross-country comparisons of agricultural productivity. The method is applied to construct cross-country consistent production accounts relative levels of agricultural TFP as well as its growth rates for agriculture for 18 out of 26 OECD countries for the period of 1973-2018, and for China for the period of 1978-2018. The dataset will be continuously updated, and extended to cover more developed and developing countries, such as Brazil, Russia, India, Agentina and so on.

The database has allowed the dissemination of high-quality statistics on relative levels and growth of agricultural productivity using the methodologies of national accounts and input-output analysis. The database and the underlying production account will support empirical and theoretical research in the area of agricultural production and rural development, such as study of the relationship between capital deepening, technological progress and innovation in agriculture on the one hand, and agricultural productivity growth and its cross-country difference, on the other.